Counselling in Macclesfield

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If you require Counselling in Macclesfield dialing my number is the first and often most difficult step to take. Many thought processes and questions will have emerged and developed before arriving at this stage.  Upon calling we will take a little time to talk over the phone get a few details in place and arrange the first appointment.

In Macclesfield counselling is about talking to a counsellor about ourselves and our lives.  This can feel like an invasion of privacy, so, confidentiality is hugely important, so a large part of our first session will be about confidentiality, outlining safe boundaries and agreeing what’s workable between us. We will talk about what has happened to bring you to counselling now, at this point in time. We will outline the amount of sessions to take place and set realistic goals. First sessions can sometimes be challenging, sharing our histories can reveal our vulnerabilities. The counselling relationship is important and has to work and feel right for both parties for the counselling process to begin. My own journey has not been a smooth one and I feel bearing that in mind I can understand my clients and don’t judge them on the hand they’ve been dealt and how they’ve reacted.

Counselling in Macclesfield or anywhere else is the chance to move forward, to live the way we want to, to be the way we want to be, in or around situations that may not be of our choice. Looking to change or modify the way we react, respond and behave in any given situation is the growth desired to create a better relationship with ourselves and those around us. Sometimes looking back and trying to  understand life’s events can enable us to own our actions and allow healing around confusions and blame. Viewing the past with an increased insight and with acceptance allows us to weave it into our here and now, for a more harmonious life. Working on the present towards a more complete and satisfying future.



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