About Counselling

Counselling can be an unnerving prospect. I aim to create a non judgemental atmosphere of calm and acceptance. I offer a professional, confidential service in a safe and reassuring space to help you work through whatever issues life has presented, at a pace you feel comfortable with.

This can be the starting point in tackling problematic issues, increasing personal resilience, moving forward through self reflection, self exploration and self discovery. For those already familiar with counselling therapy, I offer the opportunity to continue your journey, to achieve positive changes.

I use a combination of therapeutic models, guided by what is appropriate to the individual and their own needs. All of us are unique individuals.

Building trust is a hugely important step that allows the process to begin, then we can begin to work through, explore and understand inner feelings and also find practical ways to deal with a wide range of issues, such as;

Anger, anxiety, bereavement, communication problems, confidence and self esteem issues, coping with change, dependency, depression, past issues, recognising and altering negative patterns, sadness, separation, transition and life changes, vulnerability or work-related stress, amongst other things.

Counselling therapy is a positive step towards establishing or regaining confidence and control in our lives and realising and fulfilling our infinite possibilities.