Stress Counselling in Stockport

Posted on November 13, 2012 at 9:29 pm by karen.howarth No Comment

Stress Counselling in Stockport can be the solution you need to avoid burnout.  When stress builds up we can feel out of our depth, experience difficulties in relationships, lack organizational skills and lose our sense of purpose and direction.

Counselling for Stress in Stockport looks at feelings causing stress or our inability to handle it effectively.  By exploring our own personal values, beliefs and biases we can recognize how they help or hinder us.  Pinpointing distressing past events and minimizing stress triggers helps us comprehend our whole selves and the way we interact with people and situations around us.  With this understanding we can realize and fulfill  ’best fit’ solutions.

Stress Counselling in Stockport helps build a positive set of  possibilities and solutions that make sense for the future.  Excessive anxiety can compromise the immune system and accelerate the onset of a variety of medical conditions, changing our personal dynamics we can improve our mental and physical well being.   This can be achieved with commitment and sensitivity within the therapeutic relationship.

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